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About Reed Dog Training LLC

A picture of James (on left) and Matt (on right) Reed. They are knelling beside a German shepherd and a Dutch shepherd.

Reed Dog Training LLC offers:


Fully-trained personal protection dogs


Dutch shepherd / Malinois and working-line German shepherd puppies


Green dogs for use in police departments and military


One-on-one training sessions in obedience and protection


If you have a need for a security dog, had break-ins or other threats to your safety, or just don't feel as secure at home as you'd like, Reed Dog Training LLC has the solution you are looking for.


About James and Matt Reed

About James-

James' involvement in Reed Dog Training LLC is the result of a personal need for protection which developed into a love for training protection dogs and a mission to help protect others. In the wee hours of the morning several years ago, the family awoke to the clamor of someone attempting to break down the side door. The would-be intruder fled as James appeared, but though danger had passed, he decided that never again would they be caught without means of defense at the ready. A puppy was bought, and from there James became involved in IPO (Schutzhund), was certified as a WDA IPO (Schutzhund) helper, and titled many dogs in IPO (Schutzhund). His main focus now is protection dogs.

A picture of James (on left) and Matt (on right) Reed standing back to back.

About Matt-


Matt's involvement in Reed Dog Training LLC developed from a love of IPO (Schutzhund). Although there are many dog sports and disciplines to train for,  Matt has always been focused on IPO because of its elegance, difficulty and standardization of working ability. Matt is a certified WDA IPO helper and has titled many dogs over the years. His high scores in the sport qualify him for national competition.


Personalized Training You Can Trust.