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"Mishka" Vom zündstoff Reed

Mishka is the daughter of Fonske II (Dhr. E. Verhoeven,

Beek en Donk), a national champion KNPV stud dog who scored 439 in PH1 (440 is the maximum points available)with offspring also scoring near and at a perfect 440. He holds many highly-scored certificates and is the winner of several national and championship matches in the Netherlands. He is courageous and has an excellent temperament.

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Mishka is a Hollandse Herder (Dutch Shepherd) trained in personal protection. She has a steady, well-balanced temperament which shows itself at home spending time with the family and while doing protection work. Mishka is highly protective, always alert, and has excellent drives and speed. She is a force to be reckoned with on the field with her hard-hitting attacks, brutal grips and penetrating bite.

Personalized Training You Can Trust.