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At Reed Dog Training LLC, our protection dogs come from the best bloodlines in the world.  They are socialized, environmentally tested, and kept inside the home (not in a kennel) so they will learn house manners.  They are temperament-tested to be friendly and social, as well as good with kids and family.  The protection dogs are not taught to be mean or aggressive; instead they are trained to do a job that is rewarding and enjoyable to them.  Because the protection dogs are taught strict formal obedience, they will be a pleasure to have with you at home or on the go.


After obedience and house training, our protection dogs are taught five different scenarios with five variations on each scenario that will cover almost anything they may encounter.  (These include carjacking, home invasion/robbery, defense of owner, interior and exterior building searches, and object guarding such as briefcases, purses, and children.)  They are trained with a full-body bite suit (not a sleeve), as a sleeve will not adequately prepare a dog for real protection work. Protection training, once complete, is then proofed with muzzle work.  Working without a bite suit takes the "toys" and "games" out of the equation and ensures that the protection dog is willing to protect in a critical, real-life incident.


This is our standard training format, but we do allow for customization to fit the unique needs of your household or business.


Why are our protection dogs so good?

"The Sarg" Vom zündstoff Reed and "Mishka" Vom zündstoff Reed, 2 Dutch shepherds. laying on the floor

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vom Heidelberger-Schloss SCHH2-IPO2


Thrall will make a great home protection dog. He is a guardian level protection dog and he has pronounced protection drives. He has a very deep bark and is very intimidating. Thrall is very mellow in the home, great with kids and a fantastic running partner.  Thrall has a Shutzhund/IPO 2 title and is ready for his 3. He a fantastic off leash obedience and is well mannered in the home. Thrall is a very loyal dog and will protect your family with everything he has.

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Personalized Training You Can Trust.