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"The Sarge" Vom zündstoff Reed

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       The Sarge's father, Arco (Dhr. L. Roosen, Oisterwijk), is well known for his consistently excellent progeny. He is KNPV PH 1 Met Lof 439 points (400 is the maximum points available), and placed 6th in the 2011 KNPV Dutch National Championships. He was rated OFA excellent at 6 years. 95-lb Arco is known for his incredibly stable temperament, agility, very full, calm grips, and excellent hunt drive.

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The Sarge's grandfather on his mother's side was Arko Kikkert. He is KNPV PH1 Met Lof and was rated OFA good at 5 years. Arko's hips, back, and elbows are perfect. His temperament is very dominant and naturally aggressive. His fast, hard-hitting frontal attacks and punishing grips have made him legendary in the US and Holland.

The Sarge, true to his world class lineage, is a Hollandse Herder (Dutch Shepherd) who is calm and stable whether at home or on the field. He has full punishing grips and is naturally dominant.

Personalized Training You Can Trust.